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Today I bring you a first by our blog,to celebrate our 2nd anniversary which will be in June and summer.

Remember this?

I picked randomly 20 songs from the 95 and as you see,made it in album, a compilation of our own.

And,because I don’t have the time I asked for help,which I paid for,so since no one thanks me,the file is locked.

To get the password you may leave your e-mail in the comment section,or PM me on facebook or leave a request on the blog’s twitter

Note: If I you were good and gave me the proper thanks I will remove it,after 20 downloads :p

Now to the link Visualmasquerade


  1. the GazettE – RED

  2. D-7th Rose
  3. Kaya-Hydrangea
  4. Alice Nine-GEMINI 0 eternal
  5. D-Snow White
  6. Onmyouza-Shoukera
  7. Juka- Aravesque
  8. AND-Eccentric~Agent-Jack the Ripper
  9. Deathgaze-Sorrow
  10. Dir en Grey-Cage
  11. Kaya-Salome
  12. Buck-Tick-Dress
  13. D’espair’s Ray-Devil’s Parade
  14. Malice Mizer-Syunikiss -Nodo me no Aito-(Syunikiss 〜二度目の哀悼〜)
  15. Acid Black Cherry-Yes
  16. Matenrou Opera-Mou hitori no hanayome
  17. Fear and Loathing in LasVegas-Love at First Sight
  18. Nightmare-Tsuki no Hikari, Utsutsu no Yume
  19. Rouage-Shiroi Yami
  20. An Cafe-Alone



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