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Learn Japanese using YouTube

It used to be that if you were studying a foreign language in your own country, the only listening practice that was easily available to you was hearing your teacher or classmates speak, or listening to the CD that came with your textbook. The first Japanese textbook I ever bought actually came with a cassette tape, which was particularly irritating as it was 2006 and I didn’t even own a Walkman any more.

Then someone invented a website that allowed users to upload short videos for all the world to see. Fast-forward nine years and YouTube is one of the biggest sites on the planet, making it a veritable treasure trove of free online spoken content.

So whether you’re after language lessons, YouTubers who vlog in Japanese, or just want to try watching your cat videos in a foreign language, online videos could be your new secret weapon. The trick is just…

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Formed: 2003
Hiatus: December 23rd 2014


Vocal: Ai (藍) (DEATHGAZE) Guitar: Takaki (贵 树) (DEATHGAZE) Bass: Kosuke (孝 介) (DEATHGAZE) Drums: Naoki (直树) (DEATHGAZE)
Ai (藍)
Takaki (贵 树)
Kosuke (孝 介)
Naoki (直树)

DEATHGAZE Official Webpage
DEATHGAZE Official YouTube Channel

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Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Ai Ai Ai: B Ai: Aug 19th
Takaki Takaki: O Takaki: July 6th
Kosuke Kosuke Kosuke: O Kosuke: Dec 15th
Naoki Naoki Naoki: B Naoki: Nov 23rd

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مساء الخير او صباح الخير جميعاً حسب في أي مكان أنتم في العالم او اي وقت :)

هذه مدونه صديقه متخصصه على الأغلب في ترجمه أغاني فرقه فيرساي و جوبيتر أرجوا زيارتها و دعمنا نحن الاثنتان و سنكون لكم من الشاكرين

مع تحياتي Lulu~


Magazine: Rock&Read 055
Release Date: August 2014
Type of Interview: Personal Interview
Translator: VerwelktesGedicht for Royz-yade Continue Reading »


 L’Arc~en~CieLالفرقه اليابانية Continue Reading »

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“”Thank you”. Everyone is always saying “Thank you” to us but it is me who should say it. Thank you for letting me dream a dream I haven’t woken up from even though I’ve already opened my eyes.”
Subaru (via royz-yade)
“شكرًا ” دائماً الجميع يقول “شكرًا “لنا لكن انا الذي يجب ان أقولها . شكرًا لكم لأنكم سمحتم لي بان احلم حلما لم استيقظ منه بالرغم من أني كنت قد فتحت عيني- سوبارو




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